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Camera Store gets a virtual tour of Google Street View

Google Street View is now Google Store To see. A recently released feature of the popular mapping app lets you remotely access participating businesses and take a look. B&H’s giant Manhattan photo and video store, above, is one of the first to invite Google into its stores. When you search for B&H on Google Maps […]

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Shoot ‘Em Up: High Definition Action Video Camera Review – Feature

ROY RITCHIE ROY RITCHIE ROY RITCHIE From smartphones to digital cameras, the world is full of video capture devices that will document your particular brand of hoonage. But you can’t — okay, you shouldn’t — drive while holding an iPhone out the window, and you don’t want to break your dedicated camera at home riding […]

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Camera review: Nikon J1 ILC

nikonj1main While Nikon’s high-end V1 has a mechanical shutter, the J1 electronically samples its sensor like a compact. See also: Nikon V1 ILC camera review With ILCs from Panasonic, Olympus, Samsung and Sony getting a lot of attention, it was only a matter of time before one of the Big Two, Canon and Nikon, entered […]