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ProShot raises the bar for Windows 10 camera apps

ProShot is a fantastic app for those who want more control over their Windows Phone camera and has had a strong presence in the Windows Store for years. The developers, RiseUpGames, decided to start from scratch and rebuild the app for Windows 10 instead of just porting the old code from their Windows Phone 8.1 […]

Camera store

Local vintage camera store robbed, confused owner says ‘We can’t even get people to buy this stuff’: SFist

Matt Osbourne, who along with Gordon Szeto owns Photo glass key at 442 Haight Street, admits to being disturbed by a theft in his store. The methods aren’t all that surprising: They “broke down the front doors, then smashed all our windows and grabbed whatever they could grab,” Osbourne told SFist. The twist? While “every […]