Camera apps

Google Lens is coming to Pixel Camera apps (updated)

Google has rolled out an easier way to access Lens and its visual search features on Mountain View’s own devices. Previously, you had to go through Assistant to take advantage of the AI-powered tool, but now the tech giant has added Lens directly into the Google Camera app for the Pixel and Pixel 2. 9to5google, […]

Camera test

Travel Camera Test: The Hasselblad X1D-50c

When I was a young student at the Upstate New York Art School, there was an ambitious brand that, to all of us, represented the pinnacle of professional, downright cool gear: Hasselblad. Not only were Hasselblads what a lot of great photographers used (Helmut Newton loved his, and Horst P. Horst used one when I […]

Camera apps

Android P brings multi-camera support for developers

Android P brings many new features to developers and users. Among these is the recently announced ability to access feeds from two or more physical cameras for a host of possible effects and uses. It’s not just about mimicking the “bothie” feature of Nokia phones. Rather, it’s about the myriad of apps for devices with […]