Camera store

There has been an epidemic of camera store burglaries in the United States since 2016. Are they connected? – Orange County Registry

With ninja-like precision, a team of thieves ransacked the Pro Photo Connection store in Irvine on May 11, stealing an estimated $160,000 worth of cameras and gear in less than 26 minutes. The thieves (security video shows four and possibly five suspects with one suspect leading the others) punched a hole in the roof, cut […]

Camera test

Can you rely on the 12MP camera?

So you are here because you have read my full review of the Infinix Note 5. If not, read it before viewing this article. I’ll have the full gallery below. But I will break this article down into different lighting conditions. But before that, here is a video completely shot by the Infinix Note 5, […]

Camera apps

One of the best camera apps for Android gets even better, but only for Google Pixels

The Pixel Visual Core, that nifty AI co-processor inside the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, has been hugely helpful in solidifying Google’s flagships as some of the best camera phones you can. obtain. What this Pixel VIsual Core does is allow camera-centric apps like Snapchat and Instagram to match the quality of the regular […]