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How to Buy a Used Professional-Grade Digital Camera Online – Techjaja

Pro-grade cameras are known to be expensive high-end cameras with key specs detailing the curious depth of field produced by a nicely flat version. From Nikon to Canon, Lumix and Sony, rushing out with a new pro-grade camera may require you to listen to your expense list for 4-digit USD currency. – Advertising – Buying […]

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Google Play Store: fake camera apps that steal your photos discovered with millions of downloads

Cameras are one of the main features of all smartphones. We recently saw a battle between all the major smartphone makers, all hoping to have their handsets crowned the best phone for photographers. New hardware features like multi-lens setups and software solutions like AI-assisted camera apps now allow us to capture magical moments better than […]

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Google Playstore bans 29 ‘beauty camera’ apps

Google has removed dozens of popular fake photo apps intended to hurt its users. Security firm Trend Micro discovered 29 malicious apps listed on the official Google Play store, all advertised as “beauty camera“apps. The apps have since been removed by Google. The 29 malicious apps have been downloaded over 4 million times. Three of […]

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Google Bans 29 Beauty Camera Apps From Play Store That Steal Your Photos

Security firm Trend Micro has discovered 29 malicious beauty camera apps that aim to phish user traffic and steal your photos. The apps have already been removed by Google from the Play Store, but only after racking up millions of downloads. Once installed, some of the apps would load full-screen advertisements for fraudulent or pornographic […]