Camera apps

Adware found in Play Store camera apps with over 1.5 million installs

Another week, another report of adware in apps on the Google Play Store. This time, a report revealed that two camera apps available on the Google Play Store were littered with adware and had racked up over 1.5 million downloads. The report comes from mobile security firm Wandera, which found that the two offending camera […]

Camera apps

Two popular camera apps have been removed from Google Play Store

Two Android apps that weren’t what they seemed were pulled from the Google Play app store this week. Instead of offering features to enhance your selfie game and mobile photo taking, both apps, Sun Pro Beauty Camera and Funny Sweet Beauty Camera, were pushing adware onto the phones. Researchers from cybersecurity firm Wandera only discovered […]

Camera apps

OPPO will allow third-party camera apps to use its beauty and HDR features through Google’s CameraX API

Google’s CameraX API is something that was revealed at Google I/O this year and was a welcome relief for developers with a passing interest in camera apps. The complexity of the previously released Camera2 API – despite being a massive improvement over previous iterations – was still beyond belief. CameraX is for developers who may […]

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Despite Internet Competition, Wyoming Camera Store Passes 10-Year Milestone | Arts & Theater

Wyoming Camera Outfitters opened in downtown Casper at a time when almost everyone has a cell phone they can use to take pictures or shop for products online with the click of a button. Now entering its 10th year, the store survives by competing on online prices and providing service that online outlets cannot, said […]