Monthly Archives: March 2020

Google CameraX Android API ready for third-party camera apps

Google already has the Android CameraX API but little is known about it. It was first heard during an Android Q-focused AMA session last year. The new mobile operating system, which turned out to be Android 10, introduced the CameraX Jetpack library and CameraX vendor extensions. The CameraX was one of the strengths of the […]

LG V60 camera review (50+ photos and videos) – phandroid

The LG V60 is the newest device in the LG lineup and it’s ready to take on the Samsung Galaxy S20 + when it hits the market in the coming weeks. While LG has struggled to gain traction with consumers in recent years, its V-series smartphones have been extremely popular among audiophiles and those who […]

Oppo Find X2 Pro tops DxOMark camera test and partners with Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro

The Oppo Find X2 Pro reached number one in the DxOMark rankings for camera performance. Oppo Find X2 Pro STRONG POINTS Oppo Find X2 Pro has three rear cameras with periscope zoom. It got an overall score of 124 on the DxOMark ratings. In first position, Find X2 Pro is linked to Mi 10 Pro. […]

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs Galaxy S20 Plus camera review: is the $ 200 Ultra better?

Those interested in purchasing any of Samsung’s three new flagship phones might find themselves faced with a tough decision: give up $ 999 or $ 1,199 on the Samsung Galaxy S20 or Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, or spend 1,399 $ on the 108 megapixel. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra with its exclusive 10x lossless zoom. While […]