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Health Department ‘facilitates’ testing for visitors to camera store where COVID-19 case may have had contact with infected employee

SINGAPORE: The Ministry of Health (MOH) will ‘facilitate’ COVID-19 testing for people who visited a camera store in Excelsior Mall earlier this month after a reported COVID-19 case Thursday (August 27) may have had contact with an infected store clerk. The 31-year-old Singaporean was among two community cases reported by the Ministry of Health on […]

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Android 11 won’t allow third-party camera apps by default; Does Google limit independent developers?

Android 11 is set to bring a number of fine tweaks to further refine the Android user experience, and according to a recent report, the latest of those tweaks is to camera apps on Android phones. . According to Google, the current ability for users to set a third-party camera app as the default camera […]

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Google restricts third-party camera apps on Android 11 to keep their mitts off your location data

Photo: Gizmodo With Android 11Google forces all apps to use the device’s built-in camera app—unlike any third party camera the app you may have set as default – when taking photos or taking videos to better protect users’ location data, a company representative said the edge Thursday. The Android engineering team first mentioned the change […]

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Google adds restrictions on third-party camera apps in Android 11 for security reasons

Update, August 20 (6:00 p.m. ET): Google has now explained why it made this change. What do you want to know An update to Android 11 will change how third-party camera apps work on Google’s operating system. Users will no longer be able to use apps that are not integrated to capture photos in third-party […]

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Android 11 to limit third-party camera apps for location privacy

Google ruffled quite a few feathers when it made a change to Android 11 that also went unnoticed. In the next version of Android, only pre-installed camera apps will be launched when the apps request a photo or video to be taken. This naturally raised many questions, particularly about Google’s motives, and the company has […]

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Google Confirms Android 11 Will Limit Third-Party Camera Apps Due To Fears Of Location Spying

[ad_1] Google is making a change to Android 11 that will force apps that want to take photos or videos to use the phone’s built-in camera app, even if you’ve created a different camera app, like OpenCamera, your default choice for them. Pictures. “[W]We believe this is the right compromise to protect the privacy and […]

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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra real-world camera test (over 80 photos and videos) – Phandroid

The all-new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is a beast of a phone. Its main draw, of course, is the phone’s S Pen stylus and note-writing capabilities, but like the Galaxy S20 Ultra, this device also packs a very capable rear camera system that’s sure to impress. The main camera uses a 108-megapixel sensor that […]

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Best Android Camera Apps to Create Awesome Profile Picture – Phandroid

[ad_1] Getting a good photo can be the difference between someone sending you a romantic message and your inbox being left blank. If you have an Android phone, you will need compatible apps that will show all of your profile photos! By taking a look at these apps, you will discover different ways to take, […]