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2022 Toyota Glanza: Test Drive and Reservation Experience

I booked the Glanza G manual. I didn’t go for the top model because it didn’t add any distinctive performance upgrades.

BHPian [email protected] recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I went for a test drive of Glanza in Chennai last week, I must say it was a very good experience. The roads around my house are dug up due to an ongoing water pipeline project so had a fair chance to test the suspension. It did very well on the bumpy roads, my family in the back was also quite happy with the ride quality and the space it offered. Some of the things I personally liked were:

  • Driver’s seat comfort, especially back support
  • Grille look on Glanza
  • Covered engine cabin, it can prevent rats from entering
  • 16-inch wheels (in the base model it’s 15 inches)
  • Two-tone interior (It would be much nicer if they gave full beige)
  • The steering/handling (was smooth as butter)

I booked the Glanza G manual, gaming gray the very next day. I didn’t go for the top-end model because it didn’t add any distinctive performance upgrades.

The ex-showroom price is 8.41 lakh and in Chennai with RTO tax, Toyota Protect insurance and extended warranty, the on-road price is 9.85 lakh. So with some mandatory accessories like floor mats, trunk mats, mud flaps and showroom wind guards and some exterior showroom accessories like dash cam, the tire inflator, the car should cost around 10.2 to 10.3 lakhs.

My reservation file was placed on 27-July-22 by the showroom and the waiting period is 60 days on it. However, the seller said there is a chance that if more bookings are cancelled, they could be allocated sooner. I believe it will be worth the wait. We will update further developments on this.

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