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7 tips for getting the best deal when selling your phone online

If you’re looking to sell your phone online, you might be wondering how to get the best price for it. After all, selling anything on the resale market isn’t exactly easy, let alone smartphones. Often you are competing with other sellers selling the same product.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through seven tips you can use to get the best possible price when selling your old iPhone or Android phone online. Looked!

1. Time your sale

If you’ve finished prepping your phone for sale, your gut might tell you to start looking for buyers right after, but that might not be the smartest idea. You see, when you sell your phone is just as important as the price you sell it for.

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For example, if you post an ad right after the launch of an expected phone at roughly the same price, you’re essentially asking for trouble. Companies can be quite creative in their marketing, so buyers might be tempted to buy a new phone instead of the old one, even if the latter is cheaper.

To avoid this conflict, you should sell your phone when there are no major announcements coming from reputable smartphone companies. For example, Samsung typically launches its new line of Galaxy phones in the first quarter of a year, while Apple does so in September or shortly thereafter. Plan your sale accordingly to avoid these occurrences.

2. List your phone on multiple platforms

There are many marketplaces where you can put your phone for sale including OLX, Craigslist, eBay, Swappa, Facebook Marketplace, etc. The more ads you post, the more likely you are to get the best deal.


All marketplaces allow buyers and sellers to chat with each other, but some also allow anonymous phone calls. If you choose to do the latter, remember to record your call when talking to a buyer for proof of the agreed price. If you’re chatting instead, it might be a good idea to take screenshots.

3. Use high quality images

People usually don’t put much effort into choosing good photos when selling their products on the resale market. but you can use it to your advantage. By uploading high quality photos of your phone, you can make your ad stand out from all other phones similar to yours.

If you need help, you can refer to this product photography guide for ideas. It’s obviously better if you have access to a professional DSLR camera, but shooting from a good smartphone camera will work just fine too.

Make sure images are bright, clear and punchy. You can edit them a bit in Adobe Lightroom for extra glamour, but avoid overdoing it, as the photos should provide an accurate representation of the actual product. Too much editing can make it dishonest and arouse suspicion.

4. Write an honest and detailed description

An honest, accurate and well-written product description greatly increases the chances of getting a good deal. If your phone has any cracks or shatter marks, be sure to reveal it in the ad itself.

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Some important things to add to the description include the phone’s official specs, overall condition, age, if it’s still under warranty, and what accessories you include in the package.

If you’re selling your iPhone, it’s a good idea to include the device’s maximum battery capacity in the description. You can follow this guide to check your iPhone battery health. If the maximum capacity is less than 80%, your iPhone will not perform as advertised; in this case, you may need to lower your asking price.

5. Share as little personal information as possible

Selling anything on the resale market involves certain personal risks. To minimize them, it is important that you share as little information about yourself as possible. Do not add details that are not necessary for the platform or the buyer, especially information about your identity.

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Avoid revealing your home address, bank details and, if possible, your email address and phone number. If you need to talk to a buyer, it’s much safer to do so in a Zoom meeting by simply sharing a link.

6. Negotiate well and bundle additional accessories

It is extremely rare for a genuine buyer to accept your asking price without any negotiation; after all, they want a bargain as much as you do. So, you might want to set your price slightly higher to account for the inevitable haggling.

If the buyer still does not want to move, a great way to entice him is to add additional accessories to the package. Along with the phone, you can also bundle useful accessories such as a spare charger, back cover, a pair of old headphones, a USB-C to 3.5mm jack adapter, and a microSD card. Basically, group together everything that is relevant and that you no longer use.

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Also, if your phone has a screen protector, be sure to let that know. The point here is that if the buyer gets all the essentials from you without having to buy new ones separately, they are more likely to accept your price.

7. Go to a public place for the sale

If you’ve been successful in closing a deal, ask the buyer to meet you in a public place rather than a secluded one. For obvious reasons, you should be a bit skeptical when meeting someone this way.

Although we wish otherwise, scammers are everywhere, so stay on your toes and remember to take the necessary precautions to ensure your safety. The buyer will most likely want to inspect your phone for any issues, which is perfectly normal and recommended.

Sell ​​your phone online at the best price

If you’ve never sold anything on the resale market before, your first experience can be a bit daunting. But if you do everything we discussed above correctly, your old phone will be taken from you in no time.

Remember to sell at the right time, at the right price and to the right buyer.

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