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8 Weird Niche Dating Apps You Didn’t Know Existed

Imagine going to a restaurant and then discovering that the person you are dating is a follower of a certain political party that you despise. Nothing worse than that, right?

But don’t worry, John McEntee, the founder of “the right stuff” has found a solution. If you are a Trump supporter and want to date another Trump supporter, there is an app for that.

In an interview with The Fox News, McEntee, a US political adviser to the Trump administration, said he started the app as a solution to problems faced by Trump supporters and staff.

My friends who are also Trump supporters were often shunned when the girls found out he worked in the Trump administration.

-John McEntee

What is “The Right Stuff”? The launch itself wasn’t enough to cause controversy, but rather the site had some unrequired impromptu questions for you to answer.

For example, some of the questions were:

  • Thoughts on January 6 (the day of the United States Capitol Riot)
  • Your favorite Bible verse, etc.

The app was officially launched on September 30, 2022, but the reviews started rolling in yesterday (October 12, 2022) and when we say it’s thrilling and hilarious at the same time, it is.

Now if you think that’s crazy and over the top even for Americans and a little more than even wish organizing weddings, trust us, this is just the beginning. The internet is full of weird and niche dating sites that claim to help you choose your perfect partner.

We’ve picked out the weirdest, weirdest and weirdest for you:

  1. Furs: If you are an animal lover insofar as you are a furry one (Individuals who are interested in anthropomorphic animals or animals with human qualities who would disguise themselves as them), you can find your furry friends right on this app.
  2. 420 singles: If you know, you know. This application allows you to find your perfect partner for stoners.
  3. Woman behind bars: If you want a pen pal behind bars, this dating app will be perfect for you. Based in the United States, you can actually choose any state you like, then select “inmates” and write to them or have them write to you.
  4. Clown dating app: Love is for everyone, just like niche dating apps. If you’re anything like Cam’s modern familyand clowns turn you on or like to dress up or hell you are a clown yourself, this app is for you!
  5. Gothic Match: This app is for finding you your gothic match, literally. This application will allow you to find dates and friends who share the same interest as you in horror, mystery and sadness.
  6. Mule passions: Who would have thought that if you wanted to date someone with a Mullet haircut, you could get one right now? The internet is a strange place.

And for context, if you don’t know what a Mullet haircut looks like, this picture will explain it to you:

seven. vampire diary: No, this application does not guarantee that you will get a match like the Salvatore brothers from the series itself, but it can make sure you match someone who also loves vampires and their ways. (And then you can watch Vampire Diaries together!)

8. Strek Passions: a dating app for star trek fans, where you can make sure your partner is as nerdy as you are.