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Apps to make you more creative and productive [Awesome Apps of the week]

While we eagerly await a slew of new and updated apps for iOS 16, a few exciting new apps and updates have appeared recently.

From being more productive to being more creative, this week’s awesome apps are sure to help you feel accomplished. And if you want us to check something for a future Awesome Apps article, be sure to email your suggestion or tweet them!

iA writer

Wikilinks is the perfect blend of iA Writer’s delightfully simple interface and other interconnected document libraries of writing apps.
Screenshot: iA Writer

It seems like lately every writing and note-taking app is a remix of all the previous ones. From copying features to designing queues, it seems most of these apps are converging. One writing app, iA Writer, borrows some inspiration from others, while remaining (mostly) rooted in plain text and making it stand out.

With the release of iA Writer 6, the iOS and macOS apps added one of my favorite features lately – wiki links. These document-to-document links allow you to have a folder full of different documents, notes, and text files, and quickly link them together.

Whether you keep a running list of different ideas with detailed details in each sub, or just want to link all of your Awesome Apps posts to each other for posterity, wiki links are amazing. And unlike most other writing apps, iA Writer is all about plain text markdown simplicity. No fancy styles, no embedded images – just plain plain text with easy-to-read style marks.

If you’re a fan of markdown, but have been drawn to the interconnected world of Craft, Roam, Notion and more, iA Writer is back in the mix. As a longtime iA Writer user, I’m excited to return to a cleaner, purer writing experience.

Price: $49.99

Download from: Mac App Store and iOS App Store


VistaCreate is a drag-and-drop designer, making it easy to create stunning graphics, flyers, and more with just a few clicks.
VistaCreate is a drag-and-drop designer, making it easy to create stunning graphics, flyers, and more with just a few clicks.
Photo: VistaCreate

Sponsored: Once upon a time, I considered myself creative. I even thought I could be a designer. It turns out that being a designer is a challenge. It requires staying on top of design trends way more than I could ever imagine. Fortunately, VistaCreate, a free graphic design platform, makes it easy to design eye-catching flyers, invitations, YouTube thumbnails, Facebook and Instagram posts, and more.

Thanks to VistaCreate’s WYSIWYG builder, you can easily choose from thousands of templates and customize them to your personal taste. Whether you want to swap out an image in a Twitter header template or need to fully customize your podcast artwork, VistaCreate has the tools you need to make your design unique. you.

You can start with the free version of VistaCreate. It offers over 75,000 free design templates, fonts, music, animations, and backgrounds (plus 10GB of project and file storage). If that’s not enough, upgrade to VistaCreate Pro and get access to a handy background removal feature, plus unlimited storage and over 70 million photos, videos and vector files to make your design stand out.

Price: Free (upgrade to Pro for $13 per month or $120 per year)

Download from: VistaCreate

Habits (not boring)

Screenshots of the Not Boring Habits app: Developing good habits can be rewarding, but it's often monotonous work.  (Not boring) Habits make it both easy AND fun to reach your goal.
Building good habits can be rewarding, but it’s often monotonous work. (Not boring) Habits make things easy and fun to achieve your goal.
Screenshots: Ian Fuchs/Cult of Mac

I feel like every few months another task tracker, task manager, or habit tracker app comes along. And because I cosplay as a productive person, I apparently give them all a try. The latest to hit my radar is Habits, part of the (Not Boring) suite of apps.

Habits allow you to regularly track highly intentional tasks to help you form a habit (duh). Scientific evidence suggests you need to do something 60 times to make it a habit. (Not Boring) Habits uses a beautifully designed interface, haptics, animations, and subtle reminders to help you achieve your goal. Whether you’re trying to break a bad habit or start a good one, working on self-improvement is fun and easy.

What makes (Not Boring) Habits unique is that it’s not enough to check a box and come back the next day. With each completed task, you slowly see a beautiful 3D image appear. No streaks or shame for missing a day. Just forward progress towards building better habits and breaking bad ones.

Price: Free (unlock additional skins and widgets for $14.99 per year)

Download from: App store