Camera test

Battery drain test of Nothing Phone (1) vs OnePlus Nord 2T, iQOO Neo 6, POCO F4

The mid-range smartphone market has matured a lot, and this month we have several exciting new devices. The Nothing Phone (1) is one of those interesting phones that offers a unique transparent back panel with LED lights. We recently reviewed Nothing Phone (1) and had mixed opinions about it. You can read our full review here. Meanwhile, the folks at MySmartPrice took the Nothing Phone (1) for a battery drain test alongside the OnePlus Nord 2T, iQOO Neo 6, and POCO F4.

The tests were carried out at the maximum possible standardization levels in order to minimize the risk of errors on the devices. The display was kept at full brightness. It is also good to keep in mind that the Nothing phone (1), Oneplus Nord 2T, iQOO Neo 6 and POCO F4 receive 4500 mAh, 4500 mAh, 4700 mAh and 4500 mAh batteries respectively.

Nothing Phone (1) vs OnePlus Nord 2T vs iQOO Neo 6 vs POCO F4 battery test

The first was a video playback test lasting a total of two hours. The test taxed the Nothing Phone the most (1), which went from its 100% charge level to 79%. All the others held a decent charge of over 80%, with the iQOO Neo 6 holding the strongest with 89% charge remaining.

The following test checked the performance of the devices, along with a series of Geekbench, AnTuTu, and CPU throttling test. This test strained the POCO F4 the most, which dropped to 57% battery juice, while the iQOO Neo 6 held the lead with 65% power remaining in its battery. The performance test gave way to a quick round of play, and here the Nothing Phone (1) took the lead while the POCO F4 trailed in last position.

Model Discharge time Loading time
Nothing Telephone (1) 7 hours 2 minutes 1h17
OnePlus Nord 2T 5 hours 38 mins 32 minutes
iQOO Neo 6 6 hours 13 mins 46 minutes
POCO F4 5 hours 51 mins 1 hour 5 minutes

Next came the camera test, and that taxed the OnePlus Nord 2T, which died after working for 5 hours and 38 minutes. The POCO F4 fell next, after working for 5 hours and 51 minutes. The camera tests gave way to a round of social media browsing, and that’s when the iQOO Neo 6, which has the most battery capacity, got its last cry and got its best. is out of breath at 6:13 a.m. The last man standing for the test is therefore the last mid-ranger, the Nothing Phone (1), which lasted 7 hours and 2 minutes.

After all phones failed, MSP performed a load test. The Nothing Phone (1) is the slowest to charge at 33W. The POCO F4 is next with 67W charging support, while the OnePlus Nord 2T and iQOO Neo 6 both charge at 80W speeds.

The Nord 2T charges the fastest, taking just 32 minutes to fully charge from 0%. Naturally, the slowest of the lot is the Nothing Phone (1) which took 1 hour and 17 minutes to charge.