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Best quality NASA photos ever shared in new book and online event

It’s been nearly 50 years since the last Apollo mission landed on the moon, in December 1972. The 12-day mission broke several world records, including longest space walk and longest lunar landing, but manned lunar exploration was expensive and funding was cut.

To celebrate this momentous day, independent online bookshop (opens in a new tab) is hosting an event with Andy Saunders, a NASA digital restoration expert and author of Apollo Remastered. The virtual event will take place on November 14 and offers attendees a rare chance to see photos of the Apollo missions in ultra high quality.

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Saunders will take audiences on a fascinating journey into the unknown, showing them space and crystal-clear portraits of astronauts as well as all-new visions of Earth and the Moon.

Cover of Apollo Remastered (Image credit: Andy Saunders)

Tickets to the event are free when you pre-order or purchase a copy of Apollo Remastered at any participating independent bookstore, and each purchase includes two invitations to the event.

Over the past few years, Saunders has worked to restore some of the photos taken during the Apollo missions that are currently stored in a frozen vault at NASA in Houston, Texas. Using advanced enhancement techniques and newly available digital scans, Saunders was able to create crystal-clear photos of never-before-seen spacewalks and high-resolution portraits of the astronauts.

For anyone interested in space, astrophotography or photo restoration, this event is sure to be eye-opening. Man may not be walking on the moon anytime soon, but at least we have these exceptionally restored photos to remember the days we did. The event takes place on November 14 and books can be purchased from the website (opens in a new tab) as well as Amazon (opens in a new tab).

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