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‘Three Rings from Hell!’
Big Evil Big Top is a 2019 American horror film about five disparate young people, on a road trip to the location of the infamous “mangrove slasher”, who ends up being chased by a group of cannibalistic clowns.

Directed by Sean Haitz (short film: Mangrove Killer 2) and Chris Potter from a screenplay written by Haitz and John Morrisey, the film stars Bill Moseley, J. LaRose, Jisaura Cardinale and Austin Judd.

“The cast is pretty good for the most part. Bill Moseley is in the film as Mr. Kharver, the ringmaster of the deadliest show on Earth […] Big Evil Big Top is just plain fun. While it doesn’t scare anything and most of the characters are cookie-cutter fodder, it’s very well paced. Plus, Haitz manages to use his resources wisely…” 7 out of 10, Film Threat

“Which makes Big Evil Big Top The work, however, is the time the directors take to give the main characters enough personality to make them more than the next victim. Haitz, putting himself in front of the camera, is effective as a guy recounting the terror he and his buddies go through, and Jisaura Cardinale does a good job playing him in the first two scenes…” Gruesome Magazine

“While the film isn’t perfect, any issues with the film have more to do with the limitations and challenges of low-budget independent cinema than with the talent of the writer and director. This leads me to want to see what Sean Haitz could do with a bigger budget. Big Evil Big Top surpasses other clown-themed indie horror movies in story and quality. Horror n Kill

“…a lot of effort went into producing this film. I should note that the production designer and location manager grabbed and created the dozens of locations used in Big Evil Big Top. What this film lacks in polish and polish, it more than makes up for in heart, goosebumps, and love of the genre. horror society

The cinematography opts for more graphic and at times almost nauseating shots and angles with close-ups of the sadistic recreation of the clowns’ creepy moments. Haitz offers a nice throwback to B-movies, with a slight hint of the arena of exploitation, especially with some of the extreme shots, it looks and feels like a grimy 70s meets 80s…” 4 out of 10, The Horror Times

Big Evil Big Top had its moments. Some were tall while others fell to the ground. The film is heavy on gore and provides practical effects that will make any horror fan cringe. I was mostly disgusted and disgusted throughout the film, until the climactic clown hunt […] The film’s bright light comes from veteran horror actor Bill Moseley. Pop Horror

“Yet another unremarkable bargain that can boast the looks of a horror icon (Bill Moseley) while offering little else. Acting and gore are as cheap as they come, while everything else is pretty mundane. 1.5 out of 4, Splatter review

Big Evil Big Top is another wonderful movie mixing clowns and horror, but adds movies such as 2001 Maniacs and born killers, with a smooth 81-minute runtime full of gore, scares, and a few twists here and there. world movie geek

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