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Corrie villain Lydia’s downfall ‘boosted’ as viewers recall ‘forgotten’ scene

Coronation Street viewers predicted Adam Barlow would manage to prove Lydia Chambers set him up without him even realizing it on the ITV soap opera

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Coronation Street: Adam is arrested after Lydia frames him

Coronation Street’s Lydia Chambers could finally be exposed, if viewers are right with their latest theory.

Some fans predicted that Sarah Platt or Adam Barlow would unwittingly scold Lydia’s plan to set up her ex Adam with a bogus affair.

Adam is at risk of losing his job and has lost his wife and home because Sarah doesn’t believe he is innocent.

But that could soon change, according to viewers who believe a forgotten prop on the ITV soap opera will be what brings her down.

Recent scenes on the ITV soap opera showed Lydia confirming her revenge plan against Adam, after something happened in their past.

Coronation Street’s Lydia Chambers could finally be exposed



Adam has no idea why ex Lydia is so against him, but she suggested he knows more than he’s letting on.

But some fans remembered the five-burner oven Adam bought Sarah for her birthday, which she hated, and many wondered if it might have something to do with Lydia’s downfall.

Remembering that there was a camera inside and that she was in the apartment, fans wondered if the random plot device could have filmed Lydia in the apartment, or if it did. will do in the future.

Coronation Street viewers predicted Adam Barlow would manage to prove Lydia Chambers set him up

It might prove she had access to the apartment without Adam and Sarah with her, and might even show her evidence of planting.

Taking to Twitter, one theory read: “Remember the oven he bought Sarah with a camera in it to watch the roast cook? This will come back and save the day. She was in the flat right after that it was mentioned.”

As others shared the theory, another fan replied, “Yeah I forgot that. Sarah must wake up and smell the roast beef!!”

Fans remember the five-burner oven Adam bought Sarah for her birthday



A third viewer added, “I’m pretty sure that’s what’s going to save his bacon.”

It comes as some viewers made a major prediction about Lydia’s son Finn who hasn’t been seen or heard from since December.

Viewers started predicting that her young son could be Adam’s secret child, but now some fans are a little concerned that she barely mentions him and he hasn’t appeared on the show. screen for months.

Her true history with Adam has yet to be revealed, with some viewers wondering if Lydia sadly lost a child, and maybe that’s what she meant when she claimed Adam “messed up his life”.

Others predicted that Finn might not be Lydia’s child, and maybe she was pretending to have a son – while there was another theory that Lydia doesn’t have access complete to her child for an unknown reason.

Taking to Twitter after recent scenes, viewers shared their thoughts on her seemingly missing child.

Will Sarah find pictures of Lydia in the apartment?



One fan commented: “Does Lydia really have a son? Maybe the one who was at the Christmas market wasn’t really hers. Or he is but she only has limited access because she is a real psychopath.”

Another viewer tweeted, “I don’t think she actually has a son or her son may be dead.”

A third added: ‘Have we already established that Lydia doesn’t actually have a child? as a fourth fan wrote, “I thought she might have borrowed it, like Grace did.”

Got any theories or thoughts on the script? Let us know in the comments section below

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8 p.m. on ITV.

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