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Desperate Rishi pays for a date online after he puts her to bed

Emmerdale spoilers for next week reveal that Rishi ends up paying Sandra after sleeping with her.

Meanwhile, Mandy suspects Sandra of robbing the salon.

Will she get to the truth?

Mandy suspects the tip money is going missing. (ITV)

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Emmerdale spoilers: Mandy is wary of Sandra

Next week, Mandy watches Sandra, worried that the tip jar is missing money.

She soon tells Liv about her concerns.

Meanwhile, Sandra learns that Rishi has had an unexpected windfall.

Later, Sandra senses that Mandy is onto her and pretends to put Rishi’s tip money in the jar.

However, what she doesn’t realize is that Mandy has a secret CCTV kit. She pulls it out, determined to get to the bottom of the missing tips.

Emmerdale Sandra talks to Rishi as Bernice looks on
Sandra comes up with a plan to get to Rishi. (ITV)

Sandra prepares Rishi

Elsewhere, Rishi is amazed when his dating profile receives a response from a woman who seems very interested in him.

However, he has no idea that Sandra is behind the profile and she is just across the road weaving a web to try to wrap it around.

But later, Rishi is disappointed when the woman from the dating app cancels their date in the Woolpack.

It’s all part of Sandra’s plan as she rushes in, fully dressed, and offers to keep Rishi company.

Soon the two return to his house and he leads her upstairs to his bedroom.

Smiling Rishi and intriguing Sandra applaud
Sandra and Rishi return to his home. (ITV)

The next morning, Rishi worries about what it will be like for them to get back together.

But Sandra makes sure to play on her insecurities.

Sheepishly, Rishi offers Sandra an envelope of money to apologize for her behavior and she happily accepts it.

As Rishi drowns his sorrows, Sandra is shocked to find the hidden camera in the living room.

She realizes that Mandy is onto her. What will she do next?

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