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Five camera apps you must check out before Diwali


The holiday season is here and we all want our photos to be the best. But a good camera on your phone is only half the picture. You also need great software processing for great looking images, and maybe filters to make you stand out as well. Here are five camera apps available for Android and iOS devices that you can use on your smartphone this holiday season to take better photos and enhance them to look their best.


A popular name often taken by Instagram enthusiasts, Retrica is full of filters of all kinds. The free app offers over 190 filters including blur, vignette, grain, and many other artistic and creative effects. If the number of filters is too overwhelming, there is also a random filter button that will cycle through the catalog until your mind lands on a filter.

360 camera

If you are thinking of fun photos, Camera 360 is a tool worth trying. The free app comes with a number of cartoon stickers and layers that you can apply to your photos seamlessly. There are also many makeup and beauty filters that allow you to try out various elements without the risk of experimenting with new makeup on your face.


Described as a “free beauty camera & photo editor,” Cymera is like a Swiss army knife when it comes to photos for social media. The app allows you to apply a range of beauty filters while taking photos, as well as use the body editor filters which can change the look of your body. Three is also the built-in editor which you can then use to customize your image to suit your social media needs.

Panorama 360

Whether it’s a big picture with your whole Diwali gang or a picturesque landscape on your last vacation, Panorama 360 is your go-to app. The tool of course comes with a panoramic shooting mode, but also features such as automatic geotagging and converting your panoramic images into 3D spheres.

Open the camera

A longtime favorite of mobile camera enthusiasts, Open Camera is arguably the best camera tool that lets you do more with your lens than your stock app allows. It brings features like manual mode, auto level (to always get straight images) and remote controls like voice countdown. There are a number of grids as well as the ability to configure what your phone’s hardware keys do when using the app (shutter / zoom).

Advanced features include an on-screen histogram, maximum focus, and other features that can take a whole day to explore. During Diwali, we would say that the manual mode itself would make it a handy tool to get those long exposure night shots. What better ? The app is fully open source and ad-free.

Bonus: EyeEm

EyeEm is not a free camera app, but a great photography app. It has a portal where you can follow photographers from all over the world, making it a mini social media platform. The app also lets you sell your photos to brands like Spotify and earn money. There’s also a built-in image editor that lets you fine-tune the saturation, sharpness, brightness, and other elements of your image.

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