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Frequent theft and upcoming construction raise concerns for Bend appliance store

(Update: added video, comments from store manager)

“We’re on the periphery, so that’s where (the homeless) are pushed”

BEND, Ore. (KTVZ) – Batteries, gasoline, tires and diesel exhaust fluid are constantly being stolen from Standard TV & Appliance on the north end of Bend, the store manager said. And Michael Edelblut says it’s a bigger problem than just dealing with thieves.

Edelbut said Thursday that the recent rise in inflation and gasoline prices are a likely factor in the thefts. But Edelblut also says he thinks the homeless encampments are closed by the city due to health and safety concerns, they’re moving to different parts of the city, and some are moving behind his store, which in probably makes culprits.

“We’re on the periphery, so that’s where they’re being pushed,” Edelblut told NewsChannel 21 on Thursday. “But now my company is paying for what you’re pushing back from Second Street and everyone else – it’s still a security issue.”

Edelblut says every theft is reported to Bend police and crimes are caught on security cameras, but it’s difficult to identify those who commit the crimes.

Theft is not the store’s only concern.

Construction of a major road improvement project due to begin in June will limit access roads to the store from Highway 97, making Hunnell Road the main access point for customers.

“I expect the same respect for homeless people as I do for business people – we’re all in this together,” Edelblut said. “It’s going to take all of us to make it work. You can’t just stabilize on the pitch and ignore people who are troubled by them.”

Joshua Romero, Deputy Director of Communications for the City of Bend, told NewsChannel 21:

“The City of Bend works closely with our public agency partners, like ODOT and Deschutes County. On occasion, their projects may require detour routes on city streets. When this happens, we want the detour route to be safe and accessible to all ODOT users or county projects may require a detour via Hunnell Road which may mean we have to remove some or all of the camps within the right of way to provide a safe detour route. We have just begun planning for this possibility. No decision has been made yet.

Edelblut still thinks that’s a problem.

“The situation is that you have to let these people know that you can’t be in a business – we have to put you somewhere where it’s safe for both parties, and that’s what I think it takes. do,” he said. “Both sides need to be taken care of.”