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Hadley Eure: DC Universe Online Q&A

The Teen Titans throw a party DC Universe Online over the next two weeks, but the villainous Blackfire has other ideas. Developer Dimensional Ink’s super-powerful MMO has been allowing players to join forces with their favorite DC heroes and villains since 2011, through an endless stream of special games. DC Universe Online events based on classic comic book stories and holiday celebrations – all backed by a talented cast of voice actors who bring these fan-favorite characters to life.


The last of them DC Universe Online events are ongoing Homecoming: Party at Titans Tower, which will run until October 6 and is available to all players level 15 and above. Starfire is feeling down after being rejected by her home planet of Tamaran, and her fellow Teen Titans have decided to throw a party at Titan Tower to cheer her up – and give players the chance to unlock exclusive items. However, the evil Blackfire caught wind of this and decided to crash the party, leaving it up to the Titans and DC Universe Onlinevast assortment of players to save the day.

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Expressing Blackfire in DC Universe Onlineit is Homecoming: Party at Titans Tower is Hadley Eure, a talented actress who played the DC Universe Online versions of the demonic witch Tala and alternate universe Batwoman Bryce Wayne in the past DC Universe Online events in addition to his work in animated and radio dramas. ScreenRant had the opportunity to lead a Q&A session where she discussed what it’s like to bring in an iconic character like Blackfire, the ongoing sibling rivalry between Blackfire and her sister Starfire, and some of the challenges that accompany the fact of being a video game actor.

Hadley Eure Voices Blackfire in the DC Universe Online

We’d like to know a bit more about your experience with voice acting/gaming in general. What’s your story?

Hadley Eure: I grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina and started acting at the age of 6 in theater and musical theater, then started film and television shortly after, but it wasn’t until later that I started doing voiceovers. I usually play strong female characters, like Meg in Bubblegum Crisis or Bryce Wayne in the DC Universe, but I’ve also done a lot of narration for radio dramas, like The Narrator in Hulme’s Vanishing Point.

How did you start with DCUO? Who did you voice in the game?

Hadley Eure: I was lucky enough to meet and audition for studio superhero Alex Keller at Dimensional Ink Games here in Austin, where I currently live. We get along so well that we’ve continued to work together on many DCUO projects: so far I’ve played several Amazons, Shades and Demons, Tala from The Witching Hour, Bryce Wayne from Metal Part II, and more recently Blackfire from Homecoming.

How do you prepare for the VO sessions?

Hadley Eure: I stretch my face and body, shake it all up, gargle with warm salt water, do vocal warm-ups, and prepare to make history!

Could you describe a typical VO session for DC Universe Online? Has COVID changed this process for you?

Hadley Eure: Once we get to the studio, Alex and I chat a bit about life, the universe and everything, then I take my headphones into the booth and we start doing some magic! Alex is very good at communicating what each role needs; I give him some vocal ideas to work with and he picks the phrasing and accents that work best. When the COVID pandemic started, the studio, like everything else, closed for a while, but after a few shots and a bit of time, we were all masked up and ready to create again.

Is the VO for video games different from your other work voice acting or whatever?

Hadley Eure: Absolutely, the voices I do for the game feel a lot more personal to me – I’m the voice in the player’s head. The narration voiceover sounds more objective, like I’m talking to everyone at once. In voiceover I can use my body but I want the performance to work, whereas in front of the camera I have to use my face and body in specific ways to match the vision of the project.

What are the most rewarding and challenging parts of voice acting, especially for DC Universe Online?

Hadley Eure: When the sound people start cheering because I made them happy, it’s always fun! I love the challenge of finding the voice of a new character, the act of giving birth to a new sound. For DC, I found it difficult to bring new voices to legendary characters, but I love creating new voices for new characters.

Tell us a bit about the history of the Homecoming event and your role in it.

Hadley Eure: Homecoming is about brotherhood and friendship, and how sometimes you have to check people to make sure they’re not conspiring against you! I play Blackfire, and in my opinion am the true and only ruler of planet Tamaran. My sister Starfire wants to usurp my reign and be Empress herself, so every year I have to visit her and her crew on their filthy planet Earth and make sure she still knows who the best and who’s boss, and that’s me!

What was your process for finding the voice of Blackfire? Was it different from the other characters you’ve voiced in the game?

Hadley Eure: I immersed myself in the story of these two sisters and explored the vocal tones until I could find Blackfire’s emotions of wanting and needing to connect. Blackfire’s need for family connection differs from Tala’s need to inflict cruelty or Bryce Wayne’s need for revenge.

What’s your favorite line or moment from the new season?

Hadley Eure: When I make fun of Starfire, in full teenage angst, “Your whole home planet hates you!”

Do you have any other favorite moments or memories from working on DC Universe Online?

Hadley Eure: I loved Bryce Wayne’s watery kills and his accompanying watery voice, and in The Witching Hour it was a lot of fun doing the voices of all the NPCs who were able to escape before the madness begins – “I just want to pick up cleaning, I don’t belong here!

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

Hadley Eure: The power to heal with just a touch.

Who is your favorite DC character?

Hadley Eure: I’m a fan of Diana Prince Wonder Woman, I love her empathy, her idealism and her lasso of Truth! Being a fan of Greek myths, I also appreciate this part of its history.

Any advice for people interested in dubbing for video games?

Hadley Eure: Of course, you can take voiceover lessons, but one of the best ways to start is to just read things out loud and find your sound. Read aloud books, repeat the dialogues of TV and movie characters and imitate their accents, try to copy the voice of your friends. You have characters inside you never imagined and discovering their voices will help you be a better voice actor.

DC Universe Onlineit is Homecoming: Party at Titans Tower will continue until October 6.