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Maryville launches online speech therapy clinic

The University of Maryville is pleased to announce that we have just launched our new on line speech therapy clinic. Graduate students and highly experienced clinical supervisors provide weekly therapy through HIPAA-protected Zoom sessions. Please note: Clinic services are free and open to all ages and individuals across the state of Missouri. All you need is a computer or iPad, a webcam and a reliable internet connection to participate.

If you’ve had difficulty fitting this into your schedule, online may be the solution – now you can receive services from the comfort of your own home. If your insurance company doesn’t cover the therapy or if the co-pay is too high for your family’s budget, we can help (note: it’s free!). Finally, people living in rural areas with limited access to resources in their own community can now receive much-needed speech therapy services.

Our services focus on, but are not limited to, speech sound delays/disorders, aphasia, oral and written language delays/disorders, literacy difficulties, voice disorders, fluency disorders (stuttering), autism spectrum disorders, Down syndrome, dementia, Parkinson’s disease and social aspects of language.

If you wish to request speech therapy services, please complete the admission form link below and someone from our clinic office will be in touch with you. And if you know anyone who needs services, please forward a link to this blog post. Thanks!


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