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Meta Oculus Quest 3 specs and design leak online, a cheaper option for Quest Pro

Meta Quest 3 detailed information like design files and specs have been leaked online, according to Eurogamer’s report.

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BURLINGAME, CALIFORNIA – MAY 04: Meta employee Dennis Hampton prepares to demonstrate a video game that is played using the Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headset in the new Meta Store on May 04, 2022 at Burlingame, California. Meta is set to open its first physical retail store on May 9.

A YouTuber named Brad Lynch (SadlyItsBradley) presented this information through a video called “This is the Meta Quest 3”, which features very detailed information about Meta’s upcoming VR headset.

Although Quest Pro has yet to be released, leaks suggest that the Quest 3 will be released as a cheaper option than the Pro version as it offers the same features.

Code name “Stinson”

Youtube video reveals its specs, and it will have soft strap, dual cameras for 6DOF tracking, quad camera array, depth sensor, dual LCDs, mechanical IPD settings, Pancake lenses, single fan design , a pogo pin connector and Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2.

Unlike the Quest Pro, the Quest 3 won’t have eye and face tracking or emotion detection cameras. According to KnowTechie, that’s probably why it will be much cheaper.

According to RoadToVR, Quest 3 will focus on augmented reality tasks as a color passthrough camera, and a deep sensor will be included in it. The VR headset is expected to hit the market in 2023.

The leaks are not final as specs and designs may still be changed before release. However, the leaker is well known for its credibility and accuracy in reporting to future devices based on its past content. Also, what Lynch presented in his video are CAD files that can only be obtained from a credible source.

Meta Quest Pro Leak

This month, the Quest Pro was also leaked by a Facebook user named Ramiro Cardena. He commented on an image showing a box of the new headset via a post from a Facebook group called “Oculus Quest 2”.

It was reported that Cardena returned the box as it had only been left by a guest in a hotel room. In an interview with Kotaku, he also revealed that he wanted to keep it because he hadn’t even been thanked when he returned it.

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Meta will host its AR/VR conference with keynote this October 11, as KnowTechie reported. This event takes place every year, and it’s been speculated that CEO Mark Zuckerberg will announce the company’s brand new VR headset and finally unveil Project Cambria.

Earlier this year when Zuckerberg posted a short demo video via his Facebook account that showed off a blurry VR headset. According to reports, this is what the CEO will announce during the keynote.

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