Camera online

More comics are here (online at least)

So today I can announce what some – at least those of you who are willing or able to go online – may consider good news.

When we rolled out our new line of comics, astute readers might have guessed it was from a syndicator, Andrews McMeel Universal. That’s nearly 500 comics, of which only a small fraction is capable of being printed.

Now you, a Daily News subscriber, have free access to all 496 comics, including TDN favorites like “BC”, “Breaking Cat News”, “Dilbert”, “Non Sequitur”, “Rose is Rose”, “Rubes” and “The Id Wizard.”

How do you find this treasure? There are several ways. First, there are the QR codes attached to this article. Just point your camera…, oh you know what to do.

If you don’t have a smartphone, there are two more ways. You can find your way to our websites, click on the “plus” icon (three overlapping lines at the top left), scroll down the index and find the “comics” option under the entertainment tab (keep doing scroll down, it’s under the sports heading).

Or you can enter this URL:

Don’t forget that you must be logged in as a subscriber to view them.

But wait (channeling my best imitation of a commercial voice-over from a 70s Ronco compilation album), there’s more!

McMeel also offers a host of games and puzzles, including crosswords, word searches, and sudoku.

Finally, there are several columns available, including the beloved Dear Abby and the always award-winning and appropriate Miss Manners.

We hope you will take advantage of these features. Being able to put them online means we can offer you so much more than we could in the heyday of 5-pound newspapers.