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One of the iPhone’s best camera apps now supports one of its best camera features

Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max both include support for a new 2x camera feature and now the popular Halide camera app has also been updated to take full advantage of it.

The new feature is specific to iPhones Pro as they have the new 48-megapixel camera and 2x zoom uses all those pixels to zoom in artificially, essentially cropping parts of the image in the process. Halide had to do some work to get the most out of this new level of zoom, and this update is now ready to be released in the App Store.

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The new update, Halide version 2.10, builds on the previous version which added support for other iPhone 14 Pro features, including support for 48-megapixel capture. 2x zoom support isn’t the only addition here either, with Halide now supporting focus peaking and generally getting faster in the process. The app has also acquired the usual array of fixes across the board.

Although Apple includes a Camera app built right into every iPhone it sells, third-party apps like Halide go beyond what it offers, including adding more powerful, user-friendly capture modes and image adjustments.

Want to try Halide? The new update is available for download on the App Store (opens in a new tab) now, existing users may already have it installed. For everyone else, Halide is a free download with an available subscription. Alternatively, a lifetime license is also an option for those who prefer to go this route.

Halide is truly one of the best iPhone camera apps in the App Store today and well worth checking out if you’re curious about what these new iPhone cameras can do.