Camera test

Asus Zenfone 7 Pro Wins MKBHD Blind Camera Test, Beats Pixel 5 & Above – MobileSyrup

Every year, tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee (better known as MKBHD) performs a blind test of a smartphone camera. While the test is far from scientific – and Brownlee himself points out several flaws in the video, like the lack of control or reference photos – it’s interesting how people view the footage, especially when you […]

Camera apps

5 best professional camera apps for iPhone to get manual camera controls

Apple iPhone is known for its good background in videography and photography. The default camera app is smart enough to give you the best possible photography experience. You can capture portraits, adjust background blur, use HDR, adjust exposure, adjust ISO using manual focus, and more. The only thing that the iOS camera app lacks is […]

Camera test

Ewan McGregor wore his old Jedi robes for the ‘Obi-Wan’ camera test

Although it was somewhat delayed by creative behind-the-scenes changes and this little question of a global pandemic, the Disney + Obi-wan the series is finally preparing to start filming. And Obi-Wan himself (Ewan McGregor to his friends from our non-Star wars galaxy) says he’s “very excited about this”. McGregor recently appeared on the Happy Sad […]