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Perth mum wild online following horrific pit bull attack on toddler

It was the Christmas gift no parent wants – a toddler left scarred by the family pet.

Shasian Houia took to TikTok to share a series of heartbreaking videos documenting the attack on her baby girl in 2021 just three days after Christmas.

In the first video, a neighbour’s security camera captured Ms Houia’s horrified screams as she ran alongside for help.

A few meters away, Mrs. Houia’s husband tried to convince a burly pit bull to release their daughter but “he was paralyzed”.

In a follow-up video, Ms Houia said the attack left the toddler with four punctures to the head and a fractured arm.

“The dog had cut her head pretty deep, she had stitches, plastic surgery on her forehead, she had four punctures on the top of her head, a fractured arm,” Ms Houia said.

Instead of receiving sympathy in the comments section, users bullied the young mom.

“Why anyone trusts a dog with a baby baffles me,” one woman wrote.

“And there are people (who) say pit bulls aren’t dangerous,” scoffed another.

“I’m so glad she’s okay…but actually I have to say why the hell would you leave a baby unattended (sic) around a dog?” another user added.

Ms Hoiua clapped back saying the toddler was never unsupervised with the dog.

“She ran into him!” I hate repeating myself,” she wrote.

Ms Hoiua said the dog belonged to a friend and was cared for by the family.

She said her daughter suffered trauma from the attack.

“She gets along well with small fluffy dogs but is traumatized by big dogs,” she said.

Ms Hoiua also posted a video of a dog with the caption “I wish it never happened like this. No one will understand the numbness of the whole situation. I did my best during the two months you spent in our lives.

Almost a year later, the little girl is “doing amazing.”

Ms Hoiua wrote “she is so resilient. She is her usual happy self again ❤️.