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Pitch for PS Vita EyePet leaks canceled online

A pitch for a canceled EyePet game on PS Vita has leaked online.

For Zoomers who grew up on the PS3, seeing the word EyePet probably just gave you a mighty wave of nostalgia. EyePet used the PlayStation Camera and an AR card to allow you to interact with the titular creature, allowing you to wash it, feed it, play games with it, and customize it. It wasn’t a huge hit, but it has seen sequels and iterations with more powerful hardware over the years.

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It looks like an EyePet game for the PS Vita was planned at some point. As the GamingLeaksAndRumours subreddit pointed out, a presentation for EyePet on the Vita has been posted on an internet archive. The files include a full presentation, along with concept art and notes to go with it.


The Vita version of EyePet seemed simply titled “EyePet”, the idea being that you could play with the animal wherever you were thanks to the Vita’s AR capabilities. The pitch calls it “the next step in augmented reality technology,” and says it uses Simultaneous Location and Mapping (or SLAM) technology.

Some of the features of the Vita version of EyePet would have included the ability to pet him using the touchscreen, draw him toys that come to life, and talk to him using the built-in microphone. Players could also apparently whistle to switch the EyePet from the PS3 to the Vita, implying that there was some sort of crossover between the two.

Other new features include social media compatibility to let you upload clothes and items, and the EyePet is able to tell the difference between happy and sad thanks to the PS Vita’s camera. It’s starting to look a little too much like Project Milo here. Other slides in the presentation indicate that you can connect with other EyePets around the world and “breed” with other EyePets.

Much of the presentation seems to paint this version of EyePet as a virtual assistant, letting you ask it to find items, shops, and bring you the news in the morning.

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