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Pupperazzi devs share a VR test, and it’s adorable

Pupperazzi allows us to meet random dogs and take pictures of them. Something that, unfortunately, is not very socially acceptable in real life. In Pupperazzi, however, our four-legged friends roam the streets, more than happy to pose for a photo. And while it’s certainly no replacement for the real thing, it’s still an adorable little indie that turned a lot of heads when it launched earlier this year.

Now, however, it looks like there have been plans to bring the game even more to life with a VR version. Publisher Kitfoxman Games revealed that the developers were working on a VR port of Pupperazzi at some point in development and even shared some early footage. It’s unclear why this was ultimately cut, or if the team resumed development on the port from the initial release. But anyway, it’s an adorable look at what could have been.


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As you can see in the clip below, the VR test almost goes off without a hitch. The player is able to take pictures and even interact with the pup without issue – until the very end. Suddenly, the dog attaches itself to the player’s virtual hand and is pulled into the air next to the camera.

It’s very possible that issues like this prevented Pupperazzi from releasing on VR alongside other platforms earlier this year. Sundae Month, the indie studio behind the game, is just a small team, and they already had to coordinate a console and PC release. Fingers crossed, one day we can cuddle these pixelated dogs up close.

Pupperazzi is out now and is available on Xbox Series X/S and PC via Steam and It’s also available on Xbox Game Pass for console and PC, so subscribers can try it out at no additional cost.

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