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Red Dead Online Stadia Player With 6,000 Hours Begs Rockstar To Transfer His Character

This Red Dead Online fan has spent 70% of a year playing and all of that will be lost when Stadia closes.

Google Stadia is shutting down, which means users will lose access to all games they’ve purchased through the platform. As such, Google issues refunds for hardware and software, but it doesn’t solve a glaring problem – save data.

This is the problem one Red Dead Redemption 2 player had. They’ve logged a staggering 6,000 hours, most of which are for Online, and it’s all about to disappear as Stadia fades into the ether ( as spotted by Game radars). There are some slight workarounds for getting single player save data to the cloud so you can use it on PC – though you’ll have to buy the game again afterwards. This doesn’t work for Online, though.


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“You don’t understand how pissed off I am,” Color wrote in his tweet, attaching a screenshot showing their 5,907 hour playtime. “For context, these hours are on Google Stadia and today Google announced that they will be shutting down the platform. @RockstarGames please let us do a single character transfer, I’ll tell you. beg.”

That’s about 70% of a year this player put into Red Dead Online, and all of that will be gone when Stadia itself shuts down. But rather than go to Google, Color raised the issue with Red Dead Online itself, begging for a character transfer. It’s unclear if Google will take any action to preserve its users’ save data, but even the developers are left in the dark by the announcement.

If you want to try and recover single player save data, you can use a tool called Google Takeout which will transfer your file to your PC. But if you’ve been using Stadia for online games that didn’t have local saves, there’s not much you can do right now unless Google or the game developers themselves announce a fix.

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