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The 5 best camera apps for Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro


While Google creates the best Pixel 6 camera app, sometimes professional control, quick filters, and special effects are needed for a unique look.

the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are made for great photography, and Google’s camera app is designed specifically for Pixel phones, so it’s hands down the best overall. However, some features and effects can be found in third party apps that are worth checking out. A review of current camera apps compatible with Google’s latest phones reveals five that stand out from the crowd. The Play Store is so massive that there are certainly more that could fit this list, but these offer something different from Google’s camera app.

Google’s camera app has amazing computer photography capabilities to help users capture great photos. For the Pixel 6 series, it goes further than ever by activating a special Face Unblur algorithm that subtracts movement, a magic eraser that removes photobombers, and an automatic skin tone correction that is more inclusive. It’s so advanced that other camera apps have to offer something really special to compete. For example, when a photographer wants to take control, these normally useful automatic functions can get in the way. When a particular look or eye-catching effect is desired, a specialized application can meet that need with instant feedback.


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First light is a very nice manual camera app that allows manual adjustment of focus and exposure with a peak of focus, showing green to indicate sharp areas and zebra stripes covering dots completely black or fully white to indicate puffy or too dark areas. This manual control and instant feedback allows the user to take control and make informed decisions. First light might be the only camera app that allows absolute control over which the rear camera is used, along with Google’s own camera app that automatically switches between cameras. Even if the user chooses the 4x telephoto, Google can use the wide-angle camera. movies First light is among the best manual camera apps available for the Pixel 6 series.

Pixel 6 apps for video and effects

Google Pixel 6 Series FilMiC Pro Photoshop Camera and Pixtica apps

The best manual video camera for the Pixel 6, FilmiC Pro, is from the same developer who makes the best third-party photography app for the latest Google phones. However, it’s not just an app split in half to get more money. The video application is designed from the ground up to offer a professional video camera. Slow and stable zooms are possible with a speed control rather than a position slider. Manual focus and exposure controls are placed on opposite edges for quick and precise adjustments. Another professional manual camera can be found in Adobe Lightroom, specializing in RAW capture and processing using an industry standard. The camera part has nice manual controls that take RAW photos, and the editor is right at your fingertips.

Adobe is versatile enough to go from a fully manual camera to a fun and easy filter and overlay app. Photoshop Camera has little to do with the famous paint app, instead providing a huge library of live camera effects, from light and shadow composites to color adjustments and background replacement. Pushing even further in the special effects, Pixtica features a wide selection of filters, besides adding hilarious live chain effects that can stretch caricature faces, as well as cartoon shading and more. While Google’s own app is still the camera of choice, it can’t be everything for everyone, and these third-party apps expand what is possible with a Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.

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Source: Firstlight, FilMiC Pro, Lightroom, Photoshop Camera, Pixtica

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