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Trump says he took a cognitive test because people kept calling him stupid

Donald Trump said people might call him “a dictator and stuff” but they don’t call him stupid anymore after he passes a cognitive test.

In an interview with CBN News, Mr. Trump again referred to a cognitive test he took in 2018 and pointed out that President Joe Biden should also take one.

“And I decided to take one because fake news is having fun no matter what you do,” Mr. Trump said in the interview. “And I took one. And you know what an amazing thing happened, they now call me a dictator and stuff, but they don’t call you stupid.

In one of the excerpts from the interview, which is expected to be published Thursday, Mr. Trump was asked about Mr. Biden’s competence when the former president made the remarks.

“I think so much depends on someone running for office, before you have the election I think you have to take a test,” he said.

He said he knows what a leader faces as the leader of a country and that every leader is in top form.

“Some are nice, some are not nice, some are vicious [but] they are all smart,” he said, adding that he was “100% sure” that the war in Ukraine would not have happened if he was still in power.

The test Mr. Trump referred to in the interview is called the Montreal Cognitive Assessment. He’s bragged about it before at rallies, touting it as an IQ test. He appeared to use his performance against his political opponents. The 10-minute test, however, is designed to detect mild cognitive impairment such as early signs of dementia.

Trump was asked to repeat a set of words – “person”, “woman”, “man”, “camera”, “television”, and after a while asked if he remembered these words in this order.

” ‘It’s incredible. How did you do that?’ I do it because I have a good memory, because I’m cognitive there,” he said at the time.

He also bragged about the GOP’s emergence as a successful party in the midterm elections after JD Vance, a candidate supported by him, won the Republican Senate nomination for Ohio.

“My record is unprecedented, my endorsements, it’s totally unprecedented,” he said. “No one has ever had such a record. I am almost spotless.