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Warning issued for online shoppers as packages are snatched from porches and gardens

Recent figures show that over 12 million people have had at least one package stolen. Londoners are almost twice as likely to be victims of package theft. says an increase in thefts makes sense given the number of packages left in gardens and porches, which are easily accessible to burglars. As such, a warning has been issued. Luckily, there are five ways to prevent your packages from being stolen, while making the job of delivery people easier.

Here are ways to secure your deliveries, according to the Liverpool Echo.

Choose a safe place

Most couriers ask where to drop off a package if the owner is away. Whether it’s a green recycling bin, at a neighbor’s or in a shed, it’s worth making sure it’s in place for any delivery, so the package can be stored safely. , and that there is no loss of time for the delivery driver.

Protect yourself

For all high value items, be sure to opt for signed delivery. This way, the driver must obtain a signature from the recipient and cannot leave him unattended without one.

Also, if a package is taken through no fault of your own, check with the bank and courier to see if compensation or a refund is provided. It is the retailer’s responsibility to send all goods safely, so if they are not received and you have followed all guidelines, find out who is likely to remedy the loss.

Scare away burglars

Basic home security in place will act as a deterrent to burglars looking to take a package through a door. For example, having security lights will instantly shock and scare away a thief. CCTV cameras and even barking dogs will also deter burglars.

Plan ahead

Check working hours or weekly activities before purchasing a package. If you know you won’t be home by a certain time, it’s unfair and risky to expect the delivery driver to handle a delivery without any recommended safe place or sign that you are. .

Find out about expected delivery times and schedule an order when someone is in the house.

Install a video doorbell

Having a camera and microphone on the door has several advantages. A video doorbell can connect to a phone, which means that if you are not at the property, a notification will be received when the doorbell rings, allowing the postman to speak with the home owner.

Through this communication, you can discuss where to leave the package if the house is unattended. If, in the worst-case scenario, a burglar steals a package left in a doorway, video evidence will also be available to show insurance companies and the police.

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