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The story is simple. A film crew was sent in to document life in small town America. They encounter Flatch, a town with two restaurants that has quirky townspeople, urban legends and unique traditions.

How to watch Welcome To Premiere of the Flatch series Today:

Dated: March 17, 2022

Time: 9:30 p.m. ET


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You are immediately introduced to best friends and cousins ​​Kelly and Shrub, who allow the film crew to follow them and document everything from Kelly’s various entrepreneurial ideas to Shrub’s attempts to woo his crush.

In the first episode, the whole town attends the annual Scarecrow Festival, where Kelly and Shrub take part in the festival events.

Other characters include Cheryl, the local newspaper’s editor, who moved to Flatch from Minneapolis with her ex-boyfriend. You also have the town reverend named Father Joe. Nadine, Kelly’s childhood best friend turned enemy, runs the historical society. One of the other interesting characters that is rather goofy is Mickey, who believes he’s Shrub’s best friend because they share a birthday.

Inspired by the British comedy “This Country”, the mockumentary series comes from Jenny Bicks and is produced and directed by Paul Feig.

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