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Will Smith 2019 Old Online Viral Video Jada Pinkett Smith Old Instagram Live

In the wake of Will’s “slap gate” moment at the Oscars, an old Instagram Live video from Jada Pinkett Smith’s account has resurfaced and gone viral. Pinkett’s video was a 2019 Instagram live video in which she recorded herself for her talk show “Red Table Talk.” The clip features Will Smith pleading with his wife to stop filming him. Well, Jada Smith had filmed it during an Instagram Live session where she attempted to discuss their marriage. The old video has now resurfaced and become the talk of the town. Check full details here.

On Thursday, the video first became popular on Reddit. The actress was talking about having Esther Perel, therapist and author, as a guest on her chat show Red Table Talk. “Would you say she was instrumental in you and I reinventing our relationship?” she asked her husband in the video, after announcing that the therapist would “come to the table” as a guest.

As Jada Smith asked him questions, Will Smith looked uncomfortable. It looked like he was holding back. The actor asked Jada not to film him without even asking him. The Oscar-winning actor further stated that he didn’t want to be involved in the Instagram live but his wife didn’t stop and continued to film him. Turning the camera to herself, Jada Pinkett Smith said, “Esther, please come back and help us. I always face madness.

Later, the 50-year-old actress asked Will Smith if the therapist helped them heal any self-inflicted wounds. In response to this, Will Smith said her social media presence was her bread and butter and she couldn’t just use it for social media. “I am standing in my house. Don’t just start rolling. added Will. Since the old clip resurfaced on social media, it has garnered a lot of attention from netizens. Many people claim Will looks visibly uncomfortable in the clip while others added that he looks tormented. People couldn’t help but comment on their relationship.

Needless to say, Will Smith fans are concerned about his relationship with Jada. They call Jada Smith “pure evil” and suspect her behavior with Will privately. Despite so much controversy, the couple have not yet spoken on the subject. After the infamous Oscars slap this year, in which Will Smith took the stage during the live event and slapped comedian Chris Rock after the latter commented on Jada’s shaved head, the Smiths’ relationship has been a part of of the discussion.