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Woman orders second-hand jeans online and receives box of onions instead

You may have heard lots of stories of people ordering expensive products online only to receive bars of soap, bricks, or other miscellaneous items instead. Something similar recently happened with a woman who ordered designer jeans online and had a box of onions delivered to her doorstep.

There are times when you like an expensive item of clothing and manage to find it on a website where people list their worn items at a discount. But, this customer was stunned when she bought a second-hand pair of Levi’s jeans from a salesman on Depop, The Mirror reported. Instead of jeans, she received a box full of baby onions, much to her surprise. In addition to her, it also shocked the seller, who claimed to have sent the item displayed on the website.

Before the consumer filed a formal complaint against the independent seller, she texted the seller, who assured her that he had no idea how the jeans had been exchanged with the onions inside. of the package.

The customer texted the seller: “Hi, before I open a Depop case for this, do you have an explanation why I just received a package with onions in it instead of the jeans I ordered ?” To this, the seller responded by stating that he himself was confused about it. “Sorry, I’m really confused, I sent the Levi’s. Did that look open to you?” the salesman asked.

The customer then shared a photo of the package, which showed a box full of baby onions at the bottom.

In a similar case, a man from Bihar claimed to have ordered a drone camera from an online retailer but instead received a kilogram of potatoes. He had also made a video about it, which went viral on the Internet. The video showed the man asking the delivery manager to open the package, shortly after the manager admitted the retailer had committed fraud.

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