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Woman reveals everything teachers can see doing during online quizzes

A teacher has gone viral after revealing everything she can see her students doing while taking online quizzes.

The teacher, who goes by the name @genx_professor, posted the videos on TikTok where they quickly caught the attention of millions of teachers and students.

His most recent video on the subject has received over 2 million views and 1,000 comments since it was posted on March 25.

When schools moved to online learning at the start of the pandemic in March 2020, many students found themselves learning behind a Zoom camera and taking all quizzes and exams virtually.

A teacher has gone viral after revealing everything she can see on Canvas, an online learning platform.

But virtual learning has made it easier for students to cheat without their teacher’s knowledge, resulting in less learning and more students having to repeat a grade.

Teachers have also found themselves grappling with change, with only 16% of teachers experimenting with online learning before the pandemic, compared to 83% in fall 2020.

In the video, the woman explained that when teachers assign video quizzes on Canvas, a popular learning management system, they are able to see which part of the video was actually watched by each student.

On the screen, she showed a large blue bar that tells her how many people watched the video and when they stopped watching it. When students haven’t watched a section of the video, a white line appears instead of blue, telling them which students haven’t completed the assignment.

“This whole follow-up thing is so disturbing,” the teacher said in the comments. “That’s why I’m sharing this info, so people know. I don’t use canvas anymore to show videos. I post on yt.”

Many users commented on the video, saying how they “bothered” them that teachers assign video assignments and that there is very little privacy on learning platforms.

“It really bothered me when teachers succeeded or failed to get us to watch videos. Like…I’m in college…I’m an adult…if I can read the textbook and be successful when even with flying colors so what’s the problem?” a user wrote.

“Respect our privacy please,” another commented.

“Wow I’m scared teachers have so much power over Canvas now,” wrote another.

In another video which has received over 20 million views, the teacher showed what she sees when her students take quizzes online through Canvas. She pointed out that teachers are notified when a student leaves the quiz page.

“This means that when you leave the Canvas quiz taking page and go somewhere else on a PowerPoint, on Google, to look up the answer, it tells the teacher when you have stopped viewing the Canvas page and when you are come back,” she said. “Kind of like a big brother, isn’t it?”

Nearly 33,000 users commented on this video, many of whom were instructors asking for more tips and tricks for e-learning.

“Lmao, I’m a teacher and didn’t know I could do any of these things…but I also don’t like these types of hypervigilance features, so I’ll never use them.”

Other users joked that their teachers never called students.

“That’s why you take the quiz or test on your laptop and use your phone as a cheat sheet,” one user wrote.

Newsweek contacted @genx_professor but did not receive a comment in time for publication.