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You’re about to see more ads on the App Store

We’re all about to deal with more announcements on the App Store.

Apple has announced that it is expanding where ads will show to users of its App Store on iPhone, iPad and Mac. The company says developers will now be able to serve ads to users on the Today tab, which is by far the most important part of the App Store. Additionally, advertisements may be displayed on individual application pages.

In a statement to multiple outlets like 9to5Macthe company said the new ad placement areas will provide “additional opportunities for developers of all sizes to grow their business.”

Apple Search Ads gives developers of all sizes the opportunity to grow their business. Like our other ad offerings, these new ad placements are built on the same foundation: they’ll only contain content from the apps’ approved App Store product pages and adhere to the same rigorous privacy standards.

Developers will surely be delighted

While we can all complain about more ads littering the App Store, app developers in the store will surely be happy to have more places to try and get their apps in front of users.

Ron Schneidermann, CEO of the popular app All trails (opens in a new tab)said App Store ads are a “critical part of our growth strategy.”

Apple Search Ads has helped us attract new, more engaged customers in all markets. We rely on Apple Search Ads to acquire customers profitably. This is an essential element of our growth strategy. As they become available, we plan to invest in new locations to reach even more customers on the App Store and continue to drive our business growth.

Apple says it will start testing ads in these new areas soon, but didn’t say when everyone can expect to start seeing them in the App Store.