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Yuva Dasara watched online by 21,000 people in six days

  • Sonu Nigam concert 4.7 lakh; Support Namana 3.5 million; Sunidhi Chauhan 3.5 lakh
  • Vijayadashami Procession, Torchlight Parade had 6.5 lakh digital audience

Mysore/Mysore: The digital medium used by the Mysuru District Administration to publicize and live-stream Dasara events paid rich dividends and the 10-day show reached thousands of viewers. Despite the website’s initial problems with many bloomers, the digital medium proved to be a success.

As tourists, mainly those from abroad, depend on the information presented on websites, it was decided to redesign the website to make it more informative, interactive and responsive with lots of information about Mysuru, Dasara, l history of the earth and other accessories. . Additionally, live streaming links have been introduced to allow digital audiences to view high-quality content.

Overall, 21,000 people viewed Yuva Dasara’s programs via Facebook, and more than 8,000 viewed the live cultural programs. Notably, this year, Yuva Dasara was detained for six days with a two-day delay. The grand finale (Vijayadashami Procession and Torchlight Parade) was seen by over 6.5 lakh people.

There were a total of 6.23 lakh visitors to Dasara’s website and more than 7.8 lakh people viewed the programs through YouTube. Among the popular Yuva Dasara programs that were viewed online were Appu Namana which had an audience of 3.5 lakh and Sunidhi Chauhan’s concert had an audience of 3.5 lakh. The Sonu Nigam concert proved to be the most popular event with 4.7 lakh viewers online.

While the Deputy Director of the Information and Public Relations Department, TK Harish, led the entire website development and livestreaming team, technical expertise was provided by Fusionminds Technologies.

Lots of resource planning, associations for immediate needs, server provisioning, payments, team planning, workstations, multi-site team coordination and media contact for live streaming had to be initiated for the website and live streaming to work on different social media platforms.

The team under the leadership of Yashwanth Kumar, Srishesh Aravind Prabhu and KM Karthik ensured that there was no interruption or buffering in the live stream and efforts were made to improve the user’s overall viewing experience.

“We only had a speed of 2 Mbps at the top of Chamundi hill and it was impossible to live stream the inauguration of Indian President Draupadi Murmu and the events associated with it. We linked up with GNet and they provided us with super-fast 150 Mbps bandwidth,” Srishesh told Star of Mysore.

The team was efficiently assisted by Archik Technologies technical support in web development, deployment, load balancing, OTT live streaming, which were crucial in reaching end customers. “Although setting up the live streaming server would take more than two months, we could do it in about 2 weeks taking up to 200% server load gracefully,” he added.

Other teams have also contributed to the success of the website and the live broadcast. They include design team, content team, digital and social media and marketing team, web developers, software architects, quality and testing, project coordinators, mix jockeys, stream and jib operators and field camera and coverage crews.

Mysuru Dasara is spectacular: PM Modi

In response to a tweet (with photos above) sent yesterday by Nivane Kalanath Bhat which read: “The highlight of Mysuru Dasara is the splendid Jumboo Savari,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted: “Mysuru Dasara is spectacular. I commend the people of Mysuru for preserving their culture and heritage so well. I have fond memories of my visits to Mysuru, the most recent being on Yoga Day 2022.”